Sleep – the beauty of it all!

To say our summer (or if you want, even go back to spring!) has been a whirlwind and packed way too full would be a significant understatement.  This past Saturday evening we returned from a 10 day trip to southern CA.  We spent a few days with friends and then a week at the Joni and Friends International Disability Center.

From the time I got up Sunday late morning I was “off.”  I can’t really describe it other than to say I felt like a wreck.  Literally the only way I could keep from crying for several days was to bite my tongue!  I got piles of laundry washed and put away, grocery shopped to fill our fridge, paid our school tax bill (that alone was enough to make me cry – but that wasn’t the reason!) and even went back to work on Tuesday though I told my co-workers that I was going to hole up in my office; something just wan’t right.

I asked Jerry if this is what it felt like to experience a breakdown, but my processing seemed too rational for that to be the case.  Finally the light went on in my head – perhaps I need a little extra sleep (perhaps sleep deprivation kept me from realizing that earlier!).  Wednesday, after getting Jerry up and going I decided to lay back down, thinking maybe I’d sleep until 10:00.  When I rolled over and looked at the clock it was 2:30 pm!

As I got up I thought that I might be feeing a bit better.   I spent a whole 5 hours up that day, doing only minimal tasks before I just couldn’t keep my eyes open and had to go back to sleep!  I won’t tell you how much I slept this week (and honestly I don’t think I’ve met my full quota yet, I am thankful for a low key long weekend!). But I longer feel like I am going to cry just at the thought that someone somewhere is wearing a hat that may drop!  I can even smile and interact again with people; and feel almost human again.

Why am I sharing this with you?  For these reasons:
1)  Sometimes sleep is the most spiritual thing one can do.  It’s not always the answer, but too often I think I overlook it as the answer.  In this particular situation I didn’t need to pray more, read more, exercise more, or eat better (though all good things to incorporate more of in my life!).  I needed to let my body rest, heal and be refreshed!  And from the encouragement of our chiropractor – I will try to continue to let my body tell me how much sleep it needs and not fight it with my to do lists.

2)  I am finite.  My superwoman cape is NOT at the cleaners – I do not have one, nor do I want one! It’s ok to admit I can’t do it all, and it’s even better to stop trying to act like I can.  More often than not I need to remind myself that it’s ok to stop.  God made my body to need rest.

3)  I may need you to help me remember from time to time that it’s ok to say no and to take some down time.

Good Words to Rest On!

Published by JemB

I am wife to one amazing man Jerry, sister to one very gracious woman, aunt to the 13 best nieces and nephews (including grands!) out there, and thrilled to be reconnected with our two "daughters of our heart!" Best of all, I am a child of the King. I don't always see myself as a princess, but my Dad is Creator, Sustainer, Lord and King. I was built to encourage and connect people - especially those affected by disability.

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