Rugged Beauty

One of the blessings in my life that gives me great joy is that we get to travel . . . a lot!  Especially for a family affected by disability.  

I grew up in New Jersey and when I moved to Denver to go to school my Dad told me that I was a western girl and would never move back east.  For many, many years I fulfilled his prediction, living in Colorado and California.  I would have been happy to stay out west, but then God and my hubby intervened and back east we moved.  I am grateful for our time in PA and have come to love our home, our community, our friends – our life here.  

Still, I have to say there is something in me that draws me westward . . . . as we flew last week I snapped these photos of the rugged beauty that calls to me.  Some may see dry barren land . . . the colors and beauty of the desolation call to me.

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