Thoughts on the Eve

Here I am on the eve of starting a new year of life.  I used to say that I was born to be older.  I was never one who was bothered to approach or celebrate “milestone birthdays.”  I thought it was great to turn 21, 30, 40, and even 50 was good.  Now that I am well into the 50’s I find myself not anticipating “older” as much as I used to.  

Don’t get me wrong, I do not have a wish to stop aging.  I am grateful for every day I wake up and have breath and strength to function.  In honor of this milestone I reach tomorrow, here are 5 1/2 lessons I’ve learned (or am still learning) in life:

1)  I am prone to say yes too often, and take on more than I realistically can accomplish and still stay sane.  “No” is an appropriate answer at times.  In fact, saying yes to something automatically means I am saying no to something else.  So I need to choose wisely.

2)  There really is pleasure in the “simple things” of life.  I found myself today just enjoying watching the birds play in our front yard and bushes.  Other sources of joy – changing color of leaves, the sound of rain, crashing waves, the smell of fresh cut grass, the variegated color of the mum sitting on my table and more . . . 

3)  It’s ok to ask for help.  That’s a significant part of healthy self care.  

4)   I am one blessed woman – to be part of my family of birth and my family by marriage, to do work that is in line with my passions, to have friends, to own a home that meets our needs, and most of all to be infinitely loved by God and to experience His love through my “Jr Shepherd” Jerry!

5)  Traveling adds a richness to life.  Meeting and seeing people from other communities and cultures (both in the US and around the world) brings a broader perspective and appreciation to life.  

5 1/2)  “Grace is a wonderful concept; I really hope it catches on some day.”  This is 5 1/2 for two reasons – it’s not my quote – it is one of Jerry’s.  And this is a lesson I surely have not fully learned yet but am a work in progress.  

So there you have it – certainly not all the lessons I’ve learned, or need to learn – but the ones I am thinking of tonight.  Would love to hear some of your life lessons!

Published by JemB

I am wife to one amazing man Jerry, sister to one very gracious woman, aunt to the 13 best nieces and nephews (including grands!) out there, and thrilled to be reconnected with our two "daughters of our heart!" Best of all, I am a child of the King. I don't always see myself as a princess, but my Dad is Creator, Sustainer, Lord and King. I was built to encourage and connect people - especially those affected by disability.

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