He’s Coming Back!

Jerry and I thoroughly enjoyed a recent visit with one of our nieces and her daughter (V).  They live out of the area, and though we FaceTime pretty regularly the little one is still young enough that she needs time to reconnect and remember us each time.  Thankfully this time we had enough time together for V to really feel comfortable with us.

UJ & VOver FaceTime she is a big fan of Uncle Jerry (UJ); but seeing him face to face was a little more intimidating at first.  She would stand at a distance from him and just stare at the lights on his chair.  Then she’d move a little closer and touch his foot rest until finally she gained the confidence to accept his invitation to step on his chair and let him give her a ride (which of course she loved!).


From that point on whenever Uncle Jerry left the room, V wanted to follow him. When she couldn’t she would point in the direction he went and babble on, seemingly asking where he went.  Usually my response was to the effect, “yes, UJ went there, but he is coming back, I promise.”

As I said that to her a few times the similarities to my walk with God struck me.

  • I can hear about God or read about him, but until I get face to face with Him my relationship is not as real as it could be.
  • I can be in awe of God’s holiness to the point that I miss the personal invitation He gives for me to come to Him and lean on Him and find my rest in Him.
  • Sometimes I want a little bit of God on my terms, for example – “If you would just help me with this area that would be fine, I’ll handle the rest.”  I want to “touch his footrest” as it were, but not get too much closer!
  • I am NEVER alone, and God never leaves me.  But He will fulfill His promise to come back.  That’s even more sure than UJ coming back to see V!

I will miss V and her mommy when they go home and look forward to our next visit.  So thankful that now I can delight in a 14 month old and gain some incredible reminders from hanging out with her.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew 19:14  NIV

Published by JemB

I am wife to one amazing man Jerry, sister to one very gracious woman, aunt to the 13 best nieces and nephews (including grands!) out there, and thrilled to be reconnected with our two "daughters of our heart!" Best of all, I am a child of the King. I don't always see myself as a princess, but my Dad is Creator, Sustainer, Lord and King. I was built to encourage and connect people - especially those affected by disability.

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