Crowding Out Jesus

I see it so much clearer now.  I have heard countless messages and read scores of devotionals about keeping Jesus first in our lives.  It wasn’t until i sat down to my Breakfast with Jesus that I saw how subtlety I displace Him.

The morning started as each day does.  I gathered my breakfast, Bible and journal while taking my seat at one end of the table.  Then I looked to the place setting at the opposite end of the table and began to talk to Jesus.  As I did, this was what I saw:

Overcrowding Jesus

I apologized to Jesus for the stuff that was filling up His place.  Even as I spoke those words to Him, I knew His response.

“This is just a picture of what it is like for me in your life, Joan.”  He reminded me that sometimes the crowding can come from things that are good for me (like the fruit) – helping others, supporting my husband, loving our family, etc.  But if those actions replace Jesus, they need to change.

He went on to point out some of the rubbish that crowds Him out. (Please no calls from the Domino’s people – I am not saying their pizza is trash, it was just an empty box that needed to be thrown away.)  My garbage may be too much time on social media, finding my satisfaction in anything other than Jesus, ignoring a call I know He gave me, giving into fear and lies from the enemy, and on and on.

Yes, I know I can still have breakfast with Jesus when there are things at His place on the table, but it feels awkward and uncomfortable.  Having that tangible spot has provided a visual check when I set something down there to consider how I am doing keeping His place inside my life clear and focused.




One thought on “Crowding Out Jesus

  1. Thomas E Salagaj

    Excellent material for thought. I’ve often wondered about those sad people who will face Jesus one day with strong confidences. Jesus will say to them, “Depart from me. I never knew you.” Matthew 7. Surely, these are they who never spoke with him. They were too interested in their own projects. We communicate with those we love, right? Right!


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