It Is About Me?

Once upon a time (this is a true story, but one I have waited to tell until much time elapsed to protect the privacy of those involved) I was in conversation with someone who I felt was giving me a bit of an attitude that I was sure I did not deserve.  I made a choice while talking with them to return the attitude.  Yes, you read that right, I weighed the option and chose to give it back rather than extend grace.

Right away I knew I was wrong.  And that I needed to make the relationship right.  But I wasn’t ready.  I needed some time to work through my feelings before I could honestly ask for forgiveness.

When I felt ready to confess my sin, repent and ask forgiveness from the person I did so and they forgave me.

Then I waited . . .  for them to in turn ask my forgiveness for their attitude.

They never did.

I fell back on God, asking why and complaining that I did the right thing – why didn’t they?

I was met with the answer that this was about me – not them.

Wait . . .  what was that God?  Usually You tell me, “this isn’t about you.”  Why are You changing the script now?

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners   Romans 5:8 NLT


Published by JemB

I am wife to one amazing man Jerry, sister to one very gracious woman, aunt to the 13 best nieces and nephews (including grands!) out there, and thrilled to be reconnected with our two "daughters of our heart!" Best of all, I am a child of the King. I don't always see myself as a princess, but my Dad is Creator, Sustainer, Lord and King. I was built to encourage and connect people - especially those affected by disability.

2 thoughts on “It Is About Me?

  1. I would think that most of us have a story like this. I sure do. Mine was when a new employee reorganized assigned parking spots and moved mine to a way less desirable spot that was also less safe late at night when I worked long hours. He didn’t last long and I remember the last exchange we had as not at all grace-filled on my part. Years later as I was sitting in the choir I see him walk in and sit down. I went through a range of humbling emotions and I made sure I shook his hand after worship. His first words were “why didn’t you tell me about this church when my kids were young?” I was at a rare loss for words realizing I had blown building a relationship for the kingdom all those years ago. He never came back.


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