Little Kindnesses

This week I was the beneficiary of some little kindnesses that impacted me in such a big way I want to share. Here’s the scene. We were ready to head home from Ohio after a family visit. The drive, with stops, is about 10 hours. We’ve each driven it by ourselves. In more recent years sharingContinue reading “Little Kindnesses”

The Crucible of Marriage

Last week a Facebook friend shared a link from the website Holy Ruckus.  It is a letter written by a guest who witnessed a young couple’s wedding ceremony  The letter is written in a different style than I write.  It comes from a faith perspective that is different than my own.  But I believe sometimesContinue reading “The Crucible of Marriage”

The Best Marital Advice

Once Jerry and I became engaged advice started pouring in.  Jerry recalls his favorite piece of advice was “buy a King Sized bed – you will need it.”  For me the most memorable advice came from my friend Joni Eareckson Tada.  Jerry and I had not yet begun work with her ministry, but had knownContinue reading “The Best Marital Advice”