What’d You Get Me?

Jerry and I have most of our gift giving occasions between October – December.  That is the timeframe of both of our birthdays, our anniversary and of course Christmas.  The following post was written late in December several years ago, but the truth of it remains in my heart and mind–especially this Christmas day. MyContinue reading “What’d You Get Me?”

My Christmas Celebration

Emmanuel. God with us. That is usually the name of God I ponder most over the Christmas season. But this morning I woke with another one of my Savior’s name on my heart. Jehovah – Rapha, the God who heals. I woke up feeling a little sorry for myself, that I have missed church forContinue reading “My Christmas Celebration”

The Shepherds Have It . . .

This month I have been following the “Write His Word” for my devotions each day.  This allows for a small passage (4-5 verses) of the Christmas story to be copied by my own hand.  In doing so, I have had some fresh perspectives on the Story.  In another post I’ll share some thoughts on Mary’sContinue reading “The Shepherds Have It . . .”