God Doesn’t Waste Anything

God does not waste anything. While those exact words may not be found in the Bible, the concept is there. Over the last few months God has proven this in my life. I had the usual childhood answers to “what do you want to do when you grow up?” Nurse, teacher, etc. As I grewContinue reading “God Doesn’t Waste Anything”

Marriage Dreams Part 2

A new friend and I recently chatted about the difference in our marriages because I married a man with a disability, and she did not. Yet more than 20 years later, her groom became disabled. We commented how the death of dreams is tougher in her situation because she didn’t expect disability. The more IContinue reading “Marriage Dreams Part 2”

Marriage Dreams

Dreams of marriage . . . candlelight and romance . . . tackling projects together. . . kids that look like you, and act like him (or vice versa) . . . retirement days to travel and enjoy one another and the family. What was your dream for marriage? Many of us don’t think aboutContinue reading “Marriage Dreams”

The Best Marital Advice

Once Jerry and I became engaged advice started pouring in.  Jerry recalls his favorite piece of advice was “buy a King Sized bed – you will need it.”  For me the most memorable advice came from my friend Joni Eareckson Tada.  Jerry and I had not yet begun work with her ministry, but had knownContinue reading “The Best Marital Advice”