What’d You Get Me?

Jerry and I have most of our gift giving occasions between October – December.  That is the timeframe of both of our birthdays, our anniversary and of course Christmas.  The following post was written late in December several years ago, but the truth of it remains in my heart and mind–especially this Christmas day. MyContinue reading “What’d You Get Me?”

Walk Like They’re Always Watching!

Conversation at lunch today turned to a virtual reality game that is making a lot of headlines (a topic I NEVER thought I’d talk or write about – it means nothing to me!).  A couple coworkers were discussing what they know of the phenomenon.   One person said, “it’s a little creepy how much ‘they’ know about us.  It’sContinue reading “Walk Like They’re Always Watching!”

My Summer Community

It’s funny what happens when one says “yes” to God! A couple days ago I came home from the pool and mentioned to Jerry that I had overlooked the community that exists there.  There are groups who meet to walk the pool together, or share a lane for laps.   Most of all of usContinue reading “My Summer Community”

Living by the Gauges

I was privy to a conversation this weekend that turned to cars.  Sharing about his hybrid car, one of the men commented how his driving habits have changed since getting this car.  The reason?  The gauges provide constant real time feedback about how his driving affects his fuel usage.  In fact his wife said sometimes she asks ifContinue reading “Living by the Gauges”