In His Rightful Place

Recently we enjoyed another visit with most of our nieces and one grand niece.  The little one, “V” is about 19 months old.  Each visit she has become a little more comfortable with her UJ (Uncle Jerry, who she currently calls “UUUUh”).  Over her life we’ve seen her grow from cautiously watching him from a distance, to toddling near his wheelchair, to sitting on the back of it (where she thinks he can’t see her) to now stepping up on it and high fiving UJ,and of course admiring the “lights.”.

V checks out UJ and his chair on an earlier visit this year. 

What was particularly intriguing this visit is that her seemingly warm feelings toward UJ only happened when he was “in his rightful place” – in the corner of the living room by his table.  When he is there “all is right in her world.”  When we tried to have her interact with UJ in another room or outside, she was adamant (as an almost two year old can be) that life was off kilter.

My propensity to ponder these moments of life showed me a corollary to God.  When I allow God His rightful place in my life (on the throne) all is right with my world (even when it may seem on the surface that it is not).  When I displace Him from my heart’s throne and put something else there God is not “where He belongs” and my life shows it.

So very thankful for the “littles” (of all ages) in my life who bring me wonderful times of reflection with great joy.

99 Beautiful Places

99 Beautiful Places is a puzzle that I received as a Christmas gift this year (thanks again C).  I started it a little over a week ago.  I put some time into it on my own.  The next day “our girls” (daughters of our heart*; you can read an early part of that story here) came for a visit. After dinner we gathered in the den and B and I worked on the puzzle while A and Jerry watched and chatted.  We made good progress on the puzzle, but even more we made good progress in continuing to grow our family ties.

As always happens with any kind of a visit, the time came for the girls to leave.  I spent a little more time on the puzzle, but it’s just not as fun working on it alone.  As the week progressed I was telling God how I would love to see our dear DooH*again soon.  That very evening B texted and said they’d like to come back again to visit and work on the puzzle together.  Wo hoo!

This past weekend we enjoyed other afternoon together.  With B, A and I all focusing on it we were able to complete the puzzle.  The title of the puzzle fits -there are indeed 99 beautiful places from around the world highlighted on it.  Twenty two of those places I have already visited, another twenty six are on my travel wish list.

As lovely as all those places are, or seem to be, I can tell you they missed at least one!  To me the most beautiful place is with those I love.  Whether that’s at Christmas with my nieces and nephews, sharing dinner with my sister and her husband, playing a game with Jerry or doing a puzzle or coloring with B and A; that’s true beauty!