We Passed the Test!

Last week we had the opportunity to put to the test one of the reasons we made the move to Florida a year ago. Most people, as they age, need some type of help or support. Those of us who live with disability in our families often need the help much earlier, and for aContinue reading “We Passed the Test!”

A Puzzling Move

“Never again!”  Those were the words my husband emphatically spoke after our last move 19 years ago. Jerry was not saying we would never move again. His declaration referenced that we would never move again without professional help. Nearly two decades later there is not one room in our house that does not have boxes. Continue reading “A Puzzling Move”

Waiting for Help

My post last week on “To Help or Not to Help” generated some great conversation on Facebook and WordPress. Thank you. Some of you noted that it is helpful to either ask, or wait to be asked if the other needs our assistance. I could not agree more. When Jerry asks for help I mayContinue reading “Waiting for Help”