When God Breaks His Silence

For several months Jerry and I have been feeling a bit restless and asking God what this might be about.  We asked Him to let us know if there was something that we needed to change in our lives, or if there is something He has been trying to tell us that we were missing.Continue reading “When God Breaks His Silence”

Love Our Village

The saying “It takes a village . . .” can be true of much of life.  Today as I was driving to Spruce Lake where we will host our first two weeks of Family Retreat for families affected by disability I was so thankful for those in “our village” who make this, and so manyContinue reading “Love Our Village”

The Story of Jerry, Joan and Joni Part 2

This is the conclusion of my previous post; to read part 1 click here. At the end of that busy summer of camping ministries (which we both did) he called me at home. He didn’t declare any intentions that night – but still I knew something had changed in our conference friendship. From August throughContinue reading “The Story of Jerry, Joan and Joni Part 2”

The Story of Jerry, Joan and Joni Part 1

Three of the questions I am most frequently asked: How did you meet Jerry? Have you ever met Joni? When did you start working for Joni and Friends? Questions 1 and 2 are relatively easy to answer (in the opposite order), and number three takes a little more explanation. So perhaps it is time toContinue reading “The Story of Jerry, Joan and Joni Part 1”