Thanks for the Compliment

A few hours ago, I returned from a weekend away with some ladies. Jerry encourages me to take advantage of opportunities like this, and works hard to schedule enough attendants to cover my time away. He tells me the first 24 hours I am away he enjoys full control of the remote. Which means, atContinue reading “Thanks for the Compliment”

Peace, Joy and Abundant Supply

A bit over a week ago our third and final week of Family Retreat ended.  It feels like just yesterday and other times it seems like camp was ages ago.  It was a tough summer for me in many ways, so getting to Family Retreat  (FR) was a relief! Our final week of FR began with rainContinue reading “Peace, Joy and Abundant Supply”

Blessings and Joy!

No, this is not a post “airing our dirty laundry”, but instead a story of how this pile of laundry (about 10 loads) became a symbol of blessing and joy to me. Friday we came home from serving at our first two weeks of Family Retreat.  (For those of you not familiar with Family Retreat you can readContinue reading “Blessings and Joy!”

What Does Joy Look Like to You?

Growing up, JOY was a vertical word to me. “Jesus and others and you, what a wonderful way to spell Joy. Jesus and others and you in the life of each girl and each boy. J is for Jesus for He has first place. O is for others you see face to face. Y is forContinue reading “What Does Joy Look Like to You?”