What’d You Get Me?

Jerry and I have most of our gift giving occasions between October – December.  That is the timeframe of both of our birthdays, our anniversary and of course Christmas.  The following post was written late in December several years ago, but the truth of it remains in my heart and mind–especially this Christmas day.
My husband and I have this game that we play around birthdays, Christmas or any other gift giving occasions.  It goes like this, “So what did you get me?”  Sometimes it’s said once in passing, sometimes it’s repeated over and over in rapid succession to try to wear the giver down to sharing some clue.  Yes, I know this sounds rather childish for two wellintomiddleagedadults to engage in, but I think it’s one of the casualties of not having children – we sometimes have to play that role in the family.
The morning of December 23 I was having a delightful quiet time with my Lord.  I finished my reading and my pondering, and was just about to put my pen down after recording the last word in my journal when I heard it . . .

“So what did you get me?”

I paused and listened to the voice
– but it wasn’t that of my husband.  It was my other beloved’s voice – Jesus!  As I tuned in to His voice I heard, “It’s my birthday soon you know, I’ve seen the gifts you’ve gotten for everyone else, what did you get for me?” 
When I shared this with my husband his response was “Isn’t that just like God to speak to us in our own game and language?”
For the remainder of that day, and the next several days I spent time pondering what I would give Jesus for his birthday. The better question was – had I even planned to give Him anything for his birthday?  If I hadn’t, why not?  And if I was, it was getting late, so I better decide quickly. 

What do you get the Lord of the Universe, who
owns everything and can create anything out of nothing?
The only response I could think of was “to obey is better than sacrifice.”  I think what Jesus was asking for was more of me. All of me in fact.  No need to spend time trying to figure out the hottest gift to give Him but to “just do it!”  To surrender myself and obey what He has already shown me. 
Funny several years later, I think this is still the gift He wants and the one I need to give.
So what about you? What are you giving to Jesus for His Birthday?

Why Did You Run After Me?

It’s been nearly a year now since we reconnected with B, the daughter of our heart.  If you don’t recall the story you can read part of it here.  When we met face to face last November we also got to meet B’s roommate A who quickly endeared herself to us as the second daughter of our heart.  When I initially wrote about reconnecting Jerry and I didn’t know where things would go.  Now that it’s been a year I am a little more willing to write about this amazing and somewhat sacred journey.

We spent the afternoon with “our girls” again this past weekend.  Every time we get together, or talk, or Facebook we are blessed, humbled and so very grateful.  Each hug and every “I love you” resonate of God’s goodness.

Today we pulled out the scrap book of Jerry’s and my dating/engagement and then looked at our wedding album as well.  What a hoot that was to see things through their eyes, and for them to learn more of our “back story.”

Feet of an athlete running on a deserted road - Training for fitAs I think back over the last year there are a number of snapshots like today that fill my mind.  One of my favorites was the time B was reflecting over some of her experiences growing up.  She said, “I never got why you or other foster parents came after me when I ran away.  Didn’t you know I would come back? I had no place else to go.”

My reply to her was three fold:  1)  We didn’t know you would come back.  2)  The system frowns on foster or respite providers who say, “the child ran away and I have no idea where they are;” they expect us to look!  3)  Most importantly, we ran (or walked quickly huffing and puffing!) after you because we loved you, wanted you safe, and wanted you to see how valuable you are.  God has run after us so may times when we tried to run from Him.  He wants you to know that He loves you so much that He would run after you and give His life for you (and me and each of us).

Oh how I have needed this reminder so many times in my life.  So very grateful that God does not let me go it alone when I try to run.  And just as grateful that He doesn’t let go in the good times as well.

Oh no, You never let go. (Click to hear Matt Redman’s song)