Moose on the Loose

Or maybe it’s not so much the moose that are on the loose as my coworkers!

Earlier this year I posted about how my lost moose sock inspired hope.  From that a dear friend found the exact socks on line and purchased them for me.  Well, my lovely coworkers (and they are lovely!) seem to have made it their goal to make sure I never miss a moose of any type again.

Moose CrossingJPG


It seemed to begin innocently enough (though I didn’t realize we were beginning anything!) with a sign on my door.


Missed Moose

I must have been out for a couple of days when I came back to find this new friend hanging on my window.



Moose Towel


Then there was the moose and his buddies collage that seems to have a new addition each day on the restroom towel dispenser.


Spruce Moose

After that came the Spruce Moose – he appeared on my wall shortly after we spent a day at Spruce Lake.



I was just feeling like maybe we had come to the end of the run of moose, when this appeared! Seriously?  Who makes a moose cutting board?

Moose board
So, I am learning that this may just go on for awhile.  And that’s ok.

And I do have the best coworkers around.  I love laughing, working, playing and praying with these blessings in my life!


Hope and a Pink Moose Sock

A few years ago Jerry took me on an Alaskan cruise.  I think he hoped it would satisfy my desire to see Alaska and we could move on.  I certainly did enjoy the trip and the amazing beauty we saw. The trip actually whet my appetite to go back inland to see more of this gorgeous creation.

The one animal I really wanted to see was a moose.  I saw a number of
other animals, but no moose.  So instead I bought a pair of pink and moose sockbrown socks that had moose on them.  Yes, a purchase that had absolutely nothing to do with the “real” Alaska, but they were a fun memory for me.

Once I got home I wore them a couple times.  The last time I wore them (in 2013) only one sock came out of the laundry.  I was disappointed, but certain that the errant sock would show up soon attached via static cling to a sheet, towel or one of Jerry’s t shirts.

But it never did.  So I tucked the one sock away in a basket of socks, still believing that one day it’s mate would return.  When our dryer needed to be replaced in 2014 I asked the delivery guy to please check carefully to make sure no socks were stuck in it before he carried it away . . .he did and there weren’t any.

Fast forward to early December 2015 when I had foot surgery.  Finally I was able to wear my one pink moose sock since my other foot was adorned in bandages and a surgical shoe.  Such a fun perk.


Over Christmas I shared that story with some of my family.  One of my niece’s (Valerie to be exact, who said if I shared this I had to credit her – so this one’s for you kid!) said, “Wow, that’s hope!”My family snickered, especially when I said I was going to blog about that. But she’s right!

Recently one our pastors spoke about hope and pointed out that Hope is never about the past or the present.  Hope is ALWAYS about the future – I think now I’ll really hang on to that pink moose sock.  It is a great example of hope and a reminder that “Hope is a good thing.  Maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.  So you better get busy living or get busy dying.”  (Credit to Andy D in The Shawshank Redemption)

Time to get back to being busy living –  who knows, maybe when the washer needs replacing I’ll find the other pink moose there!