Manufacturers Instructions

We have an electric bed that allows Jerry to change position easier.  Two weeks ago my side of then bed got caught under the headboard and broke.  Some bolts popped and broke and it seemed the motor burned out.  I went several days thinking I didn’t need to fi it, I can sleep flat. AfterContinue reading “Manufacturers Instructions”

Coffee and Friendship

Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out, but one I rarely have the opportunity to enjoy. I met with a friend for breakfast at a grocery store where they serve a buffet meal. We decided not to get the usual coffee that comes with the meal but instead go to the coffee bar nearby.Continue reading “Coffee and Friendship”

Waiting in line

In recent weeks it seems that Heaven has gained a lot of mighty fine people who are dearly missed here.  I know that happens every day, but we seem to know more people who have made that journey recently. I was talking with a friend (and my chiropractor) about this as together we traded favorite storesContinue reading “Waiting in line”