What’d You Get Me?

Jerry and I have most of our gift giving occasions between October – December.  That is the timeframe of both of our birthdays, our anniversary and of course Christmas.  The following post was written late in December several years ago, but the truth of it remains in my heart and mind–especially this Christmas day. MyContinue reading “What’d You Get Me?”

And the Seasons, They go Round and Round . . . (thanks Joni Mitchell)

This new season in our lives came round when life in the super fast lane suddenly and unexpectedly experienced the brakes being applied (don’t fear, we are safe I am speaking metaphorically).  As one might imagine this sudden interuption of momentum resulted in  a great deal of change.  It has been interesting at twenty plus years of marriage to seeContinue reading “And the Seasons, They go Round and Round . . . (thanks Joni Mitchell)”

To Be Known by Name

November is National Caregivers Month.  Peter Rosenberger, a ministry colleague at Caregivers With Hope created a video to honor caregivers.   We showed this video at our recent Caregivers Day of Pampering to 120 women who provide care for a family member affected by disability or special needs.  There were few dry eyes in the auditorium as the videoContinue reading “To Be Known by Name”

In His Rightful Place

Recently we enjoyed another visit with most of our nieces and one grand niece.  The little one, “V” is about 19 months old.  Each visit she has become a little more comfortable with her UJ (Uncle Jerry, who she currently calls “UUUUh”).  Over her life we’ve seen her grow from cautiously watching him from a distance,Continue reading “In His Rightful Place”

I Like Mary’s Style

I am one of those who believes, and tries to live, the truth of the Christmas season throughout the year. Though we are now in 2016 and past the traditional “season” I am still working through insights I gained during the Christmas season. In  a previous post I shared thoughts about the Shepherds.  I mentioned that I would beContinue reading “I Like Mary’s Style”