To Help or Not to Help. . .

That is the question . . .at least it is one that arises often in our home. For those of us who live in a family where one spouse has a disability it can be a fine line to discern. When Jerry drops something and it is out of his reach do I automatically stopContinue reading “To Help or Not to Help. . .”

Timing is Everything

While reading Ecclesiastes 3 recently my thoughts were drawn back to our courtship.  Though we had met face to face, most of our dating happened long distance – Jerry in Indiana and me in California.  Phone, email, and a monthly visit made by one of us were our life.  Once we got engaged we had toContinue reading “Timing is Everything”

99 Beautiful Places

99 Beautiful Places is a puzzle that I received as a Christmas gift this year (thanks again C).  I started it a little over a week ago.  I put some time into it on my own.  The next day “our girls” (daughters of our heart*; you can read an early part of that story here) cameContinue reading “99 Beautiful Places”