Learning the Craft

When my life took an unexpected turn late 2016 I realized it was one of those “now or never” times to invest in my passion to write.  I wanted to write more, and learn to write better. One year ago I flew into Orlando and my cousin drove me to Lake Yale for my firstContinue reading “Learning the Craft”

Reflections on My First Writers Conference

I have been trying to put concise clear words to my experience attending my  first Christian Writers Conference last week.  Funny thing, though I enjoy writing I found myself at a loss for words.  The experience was enlightening, overwhelming, helpful, confusing, a rich blessing and so much more.  A week later, and my brain isContinue reading “Reflections on My First Writers Conference”

The Power of Words

Recently I wrote about rereading a journal from nearly 20 years ago.  I thought I’d share a couple more entries that gave me cause to ponder anew. Even in 1987 I wrote that I sensed writing was something God wanted me to do more; at that point through the discipline of journaling.  I have always beenContinue reading “The Power of Words”