Ministries that have my Heart

Luke 14 Exchange, Inc.  (L14E)is the newest ministry God has entrusted to my husband and me. We are named after the banquet story found in the Bible in Luke 14. When the invited guests who had said they would attend a banquet did not come, the invitation was then changed to compel people with disabilities, and other marginalized people to join the party. Our goal at Luke 14 Exchange, Inc is to help people affected by disability understand WHOSE they are and WHO they are. Once that is known, we can find ways to engage in the community. L14E is based in Central Florida, but through the blessings of the internet we serve people around the country.

Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association (OCCCDA) is in Northeast Philly and has an effective outreach to their neighborhood through after school programs, summer day camps, Healing Hearts camp, early literacy, GED Classes, ESL Classes and more!  They are also actively working on economic development within their community.  It is my privilege to serve as Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Joni and Friends This is the ministry God allowed me to be on staff with 2007 to 2016.  I also had the privilege to work cooperatively with them through other ministries since the late 80’s.  They do a great work offering Family Retreats (for families affected by disability), used manual wheelchair collections, refurbishing and distribution in developing nations.

Oaks of Hebron  This ministry hired me almost straight out of college and let me grow up with them as I learned more about direct ministry with people affected by disabilities and then allowed me to develop a church outreach arm and a community wide recreation program.  Through a conference Oaks of Hebron sent me to I met the man who would become my husband.  Some of my fondest memories over the years are from the relationships I made while working here.  If you live in the northern part of CA please see how you can get involved!

Access Life is based out of Florida but holds disability expo all across the southern portion of the country.  They bridge the gaps between people with disabilities and churches, communities and recreation.  Doug and Leanne Goddard, the founders are good friends of ours.  If you are in FL, TN or TX please volunteer to help at an Expo.  You’ll have a great time – and hug Doug and Leanne for me please!

Legacy Christian Church is the place Jerry and I call home when we are not traveling or speaking at another church.  Legacy is a church that lives out our mission to Love God and Love People. We have found grace, authenticity and truth at Legacy.   If you want to visit one Sunday, or for any other activity let us know and we’ll connect with you.

K-LOVE Radio started in northern CA close to where we used to live.  A friend from church worked there and we began to listen to the station of encouraging Christian music.  Surprise!  A few years ago we found them on our radio dial in the Philadelphia area.  They now have stations across the country, as well as listening online.  What hasn’t changed is the encouraging Christ focused music.  What a great way to bring some encouragement to my day.

International Therapy and Outreach Teams or iTOT works in developing nations to bring therapy and Jesus to those who do not have access.  They have a particularly strong work in Haiti and have been active in many other countries as well.  If you are in the Greater Philly area and you have medical equipment to donate that we at Joni and Friends can’t take ask Dawn at iTOT; they may have a use for it.  PTs and OTs check out the opportunities to serve on a short term missions therapy trip.

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