A Practical Theology of Celebration

Some time ago I was part of a group discussion on feasting, fasting and faith based on Isaiah 58.  One of the statements made was that “we” (Christians associated with one particular faith tradition) really need a theology of celebration.  I have pondered that turn of phrase for some time.  The more I think about it,Continue reading “A Practical Theology of Celebration”

Enhanced Benefit?

In my part time work in a financial planer’s office I sometimes hear phone conversations between  one of our customer service reps and fund companies.  One of the questions that still catches my attention is when our rep asks the vendor if the particular product they are discussing has “an enhanced death benefit?” I  shakeContinue reading “Enhanced Benefit?”

Postcards from the Journey

Six months ago Jerry and I felt a little like Abraham as we left a familiar comfortable land and began a journey toward a land we knew not of.  We did not know where we were headed, but we knew Who had called us out and promised to lead us.  Having been a follower of Jesus forContinue reading “Postcards from the Journey”

And Tonight’s Guest Is . . .

Less than 3 weeks ago we took hospitality and hosting to a new level when we started to share our guest room on Airbnb.  Our listing went live late on a Wednesday evening.  Living in a small borough we thought it would be weeks before we’d get a hit.  We were wrong.  Thursday afternoon weContinue reading “And Tonight’s Guest Is . . .”

The Roller Coaster is Real Part 2

This is the continuation of an earlier post.  If you need to catch up, click here.   It was only a few hours later (the same day) that I sat crying with Jerry over something I saw that caused the hurt to rise again in my heart and mind.  It’s part of the process weContinue reading “The Roller Coaster is Real Part 2”

An Unintentional Look at the Past

Neither Jerry or I are big celebrators of New Years or ones to make resolutions.  This New Year’s Eve has been spent like many others – quietly at home playing or watching games, puzzling, reading and writing. I went on a hunt for a new journal to use for my prayer time (I have probablyContinue reading “An Unintentional Look at the Past”