I never saw myself as a word-of-the-year person. I never considered the idea. . .             . . .Until three years ago, after moving to a new state. There was nothing mystical or ethereal, I just sensed that courage would be my word for 2019. It was a good one. Besides moving 1000 miles away,Continue reading “Oh.My.Word!”

Prayer – At What Cost?

Today I learned of a Christian ministry that expects each employee to spend 10% of their time in prayer.  In fact, they offer three corporate prayer times throughout the week because they put such a high value on prayer. I was intrigued by this, particularly because it brought to mind another organization, one Jerry andContinue reading “Prayer – At What Cost?”

On a Cough and a Prayer

It’s been a rough winter in our household; but hard times keep me on the look out for God at work. This week Jerry and I have been battling some infections.  The worst time is at night when a relentless hacking cough causes every muscle in my upper body to join in a chorus of rebellious spasms.Continue reading “On a Cough and a Prayer”

Sometimes God Uses My Own Words

It is often in the seemingly little and routine things in life that I hear God turn what I am thinking or saying back around to me.  Here are a couple recent  examples. I often get up earlier than Jerry.  I try to leave the lights off, and just use the light of my phone. Continue reading “Sometimes God Uses My Own Words”

When God Breaks His Silence

For several months Jerry and I have been feeling a bit restless and asking God what this might be about.  We asked Him to let us know if there was something that we needed to change in our lives, or if there is something He has been trying to tell us that we were missing.Continue reading “When God Breaks His Silence”

Behind the Scenes

Sometimes I feel like this is all I see of God’s picture for my life. I have a friend “Renee” who has a very real need in her life and the deadline to have this need met is rapidly approaching.  She is anxious about when and how God will answer.  Many of us are prayingContinue reading “Behind the Scenes”