It is often in the seemingly little and routine things in life that I hear God turn what I am thinking or saying back around to me.  Here are a couple recent  examples.

I often get up earlier than Jerry.  I try to leave the lights off, and just use the light of my phone.  One morning I was trying to quietly get the flashlight on my phone to light.  For whatever reason it was not working.  Instead, Siri, in a voice too loud, said, “How can I help you?”  In a loud exasperated whisper I replied, “I just want you to be my light!”  The words had barely left my mouth when I heard God say, “And that’s what I ask of you!”


Photo Credit:  Mikhail

As I was praying for Jerry one day, I asked God to give Jerry “wisdom and insight” into a particular area he had been working through.  Again, almost immediately (I think God prompts me so quickly because He knows my brain flits around so much He must get it in quickly before I move on!) I sensed God saying, “Whose insight and wisdom are you asking me to give him?”

“Well, Yours of course Lord,” but when I really got honest with myself I realized I was playing the tapes of what I thought to be best in my head and hoping that somehow they would benefit the omnipotent and omniscient Creator God to know what to speak to my husband.  Oh my!

Have I mentioned lately how far I have to go in my faith walk?