It’s All in the Cards and Rosters and Yearbooks and. . .

Never let your husband give up on his dreams.                This is one of the best pieces of marriage advice I received. For my husband, baseball has always been a big part of his passion and dreams. Sure, before I met him he grew out of the dream to become a Major League Baseball player,Continue reading “It’s All in the Cards and Rosters and Yearbooks and. . .”

Building Sandcastles

Katelyn. our 10 ½ year old grand-niece visited recently. She is a loving girl who thinks deeply. Our family planned a day at the beach while she was here. In anticipation of the trip Katelyn told me she likes to build sandcastles, but not in the typical way with buckets and shovels. She described herContinue reading “Building Sandcastles”

Baseball and Words

If your family is like ours, stories come out of the woodwork when we gather together. This weekend we visited with Jerry’s family – his sister, brother and lots of extended family and friends. There are always a few golden oldie stories that you can count on being retold, here is one. Jerry and hisContinue reading “Baseball and Words”

First Holiday Memories

We were married in November, so started the holiday season right after we got back from our honeymoon. I was excited to cook our first Thanksgiving meal and share it with my husband. I got up early to make the stuffing and prep the turkey for roasting. I made everything I could from scratch. ItContinue reading “First Holiday Memories”

Give and Take

Happy Marriage Monday friends. Now that we’ve been gathering together here for a couple months, I’d like to get your input.  I’ve put together a brief survey.  If you could take a couple minutes to complete it I would be so grateful and honored.  Just click here.  If you have other friends who you thinkContinue reading “Give and Take”

The Blessing of Disability in Marriage – Part 1

There is a lot of sadness and heaviness in our community and country this week.  I thought I would divide the post about the blessings of disability in marriage into two posts.  It may be good to take a little lighter look at those blessings this week. What follows is a list I wrote veryContinue reading “The Blessing of Disability in Marriage – Part 1”