There is a lot of sadness and heaviness in our community and country this week.  I thought I would divide the post about the blessings of disability in marriage into two posts.  It may be good to take a little lighter look at those blessings this week.

What follows is a list I wrote very early into our marriage. I wrote it in part as a response to the many people who commented on how “special” I must be to marry Jerry. I think it was also a phase of life in which we were listening to David Letterman a lot, thus the Top Ten format.

The Top Ten Reasons to Marry a Man who uses a Wheelchair

10.  I don’t have to stand on tiptoes to fix his hair.

9.  You get great parking spots.

8.  You have its of fun gadgets to play with and exercise creativity as you learn to repair them.

7.  Sometimes you get to fly first-class instead of coach.

6.  Shopping is easier when you can hang the bags on his chair.

5.  The back of his clothing does not need repair or ironing.

4.  He provides free strength training and aerobic exercise.

3.  There are lots of places at home to hide things.

2.  The toilet seat is always down.

1.  Because He is created in the image of God to be my wonderful protector, encourager,   comforter, lover and friend.

If you would like this in a printable format with a frame, please click here.

Next Monday I will share additional blessings built off of reason number 1 above.  Until then, in your family what would be on your top ten list for your marriage?  I’d love it if you would share them in the comment section below.