Guilt, Need and Call

Note from Joan:  I will be “off the grid” for a short time while Jerry and I take a much needed trip to soak up some sun.  In my absence I’ll be reposting some of my favorite posts from the past.  Look for a return of new material in mid February and with it an exciting announcement about whatContinue reading “Guilt, Need and Call”

I Like Mary’s Style

I am one of those who believes, and tries to live, the truth of the Christmas season throughout the year. Though we are now in 2016 and past the traditional “season” I am still working through insights I gained during the Christmas season. In  a previous post I shared thoughts about the Shepherds.  I mentioned that I would beContinue reading “I Like Mary’s Style”

Hope and a Pink Moose Sock

A few years ago Jerry took me on an Alaskan cruise.  I think he hoped it would satisfy my desire to see Alaska and we could move on.  I certainly did enjoy the trip and the amazing beauty we saw. The trip actually whet my appetite to go back inland to see more of this gorgeous creation.Continue reading “Hope and a Pink Moose Sock”

Dressed to Impress or Hide?

This morning I was reading a devotional Addicted to Busy by Brady Boyd.  He was commenting on fighting impression management. As I thought about his writing, I was again reminded that though I do often fall into the trap of wanting to impress others, the even greater challenge I face is wanting to impress God.  Perhaps itContinue reading “Dressed to Impress or Hide?”

The Story of Jerry, Joan and Joni Part 1

Three of the questions I am most frequently asked: How did you meet Jerry? Have you ever met Joni? When did you start working for Joni and Friends? Questions 1 and 2 are relatively easy to answer (in the opposite order), and number three takes a little more explanation. So perhaps it is time toContinue reading “The Story of Jerry, Joan and Joni Part 1”

A Flashback to our September Vacation

On our last full day by the ocean we took another walk.  This was one of three days the winds and rains allowed us to spend a significant time outside.  Several “locals” stopped us to comment on the nice weather now; when they learned we’d been there all week they apologized for the poor weather. Continue reading “A Flashback to our September Vacation”