I am reading the Bible chronologically this year. Today, Psalm 46 was part of my reading. It’s a well-loved and familiar chapter, particularly for verse 10, “Be still and know that I am God.”

While I still need to grasp that concept fully, there were 3 other two-word phrases that caught my attention.

Verse 1- Always Ready

These words were used to describe God. He doesn’t have to pack his bag, clean or prepare his tools, or check a You Tube video for instructions. He is ready and waiting for me to call on him.

Verse 11 – Is Here

I don’t have to check if he is in the area, or wonder if we are in the same time zone. I don’t have to bring him up to speed on my situation. He is here already.

Verse 11 – Among Us

He’s not just ready and here and for me, but you for you also. He is among us. Immanuel!