Wow, it feels like a LONG time since I’ve sat down to write. And even longer since I communicated to you, my blog followers. I know the experts say that when restarting one’s blog after a period of quiet; it is not advisable to apologize or explain. I hope you don’t mind if I go against the experts right now.

You see, the reason I have been so quiet is that I was making the final push to get my book finished, edited, and published.

When I first started writing, one thing I came up against was nearly all the books that even hinted at disability and marriage were written by men. Where were the women writers?

Partway into the process, I realized where they were. They were caring for their spouse, the kids, the home, and working a job outside the home. The women have little to no time to write about marriage and disability.

Silly me, I hadn’t put that together earlier, so here I was with parts of several chapters written. What should I do?

“Continue,” came the word from my husband.

Nearly each week, I would look at my lists and determine which tasks I would work on and which had to be set aside for a time. I am sorry to say that blogging often took the hit (so did mopping the floors—LOL!).

I feel a bit like the last leg of the Amazing Race television show. After twelve years, four computers, two houses, scores of interviews, more than 50,000 words written and edited, three title changes—all while loving one husband, my book is a reality!

I hope after you read MarriageAbility you’ll agree that I made the right choices.

With great pleasure, and still a fair amount of exhaustion and pinching myself that this is real, I am pleased to let you know you can now pre-order MarriageAbility: Embracing the Richness of a Marriage Affected by Disability.

Beginning in October, it will be available on Amazon in both e-format and print book. But starting today you can order it through, or follow the QR code below.  The advantage of ordering this way means the proceeds from the book sales will further our ministry outreach with families affected by disability. We’ll begin shipping the book in late September to everyone who pre-orders.

I wonder who will be the first to purchase?