I think I created this blog at the end of December 2011; when I had some time and thought I’d get to write pretty regularly.  Here is it February and I finally decided I have to “just do it” and not wait until I can get the time to do it “exactly as I’d like” because that may never happen. 

I enjoy writing, and it’s a great way for me to process, and recall the ways God is at work, so time to just begin.  So without eloquence, here are some of the stones of remembrance God has built into my life to date . . .

  • Being born and raised in a home where my parents lived their faith, and shared it with my sister and me.  It’s because of their passion for missions and service that I serve today.
  • Growing up around people with disabilities, so they became my friends first – before I ever even had an inkling that my career and family would be all about disability. 
  • Memorizing Scripture as a child that still comes back to my heart and mind today!
  • Jerry – my husband who knows me better than anyone else, and still chooses to love me and tell me he couldn’t imagine life without me (the same is true for you Babe!).  One of my favorite times of day with him is when we  read God’s Word and pray together. 
  • My mom who lives with us, prays for us and will still do anything for me.
  • Friends – who step in and provide for Jer’s attendant care needs while I am recovering from surgery . . . and those who have been able to work it into their schedule to continue to help us in this way even after I have recovered.
  • The “little people” (age wise) in my life who think it’s fun to spend time with us and teach me lessons about what really matters!