By throwing a tantrum. Yes, that is correct. God spoke to me through a 3-year-old’s fit. It was not a good day for this little one when I was talking with her mother. Everything seemed wrong in her myopic world. girl-563719_1280

When she finally heeded her mom’s direction to sit down and drink her milk, the wailing started again. She felt she had been mistreated by being given a small serving of milk. Her mother reminded her that if she finished that she could have more. Mom went on to say that on recent days she had poured too much milk as the wee one did not drink it all.

This rational explanation was lost on the 3-year-old. She continued crying while yelling, “I want too much!  I want too much!”

milk-3231772_1280Her Mom and I tried not to giggle at the absurdity of it all. Later that day, and all through this week that phrase “I want too much!” has been on an endless loop in my head.

I would not phrase it that way, but God has asked me why I am asking him for XYZ when I haven’t even thanked him or followed through on what he has already done for me.

I have heard God say, “yes, I know you asked for that. If I gave you that right now, it would be more than you could handle. I love you so much that I am not going to give you what you asked for as that would be too much.”

God has prompted me to consider why I keep seeking satisfaction in “too much” of the world around me and not in him.

Apparently, I am more like a 3-year-old than I’d like to admit! Teach me please Lord Jesus to be satisfied in you. For in you alone I can never want too much.