IMG_1914No, this is not a post “airing our dirty laundry”, but instead a story of how this pile of laundry (about 10 loads) became a symbol of blessing and joy to me.

Friday we came home from serving at our first two weeks of Family Retreat.  (For those of you not familiar with Family Retreat you can read this post in my archives).  We arrive home exhausted, ready to do nothing for a couple of days but rest and relax.  We also come home with a LARGE pile of laundry.

Typically I’ve looked at the pile of laundry and grumbled (to myself I think, but perhaps out loud as well!) that I have to do that laundry.  That starts the rock rolling downhill while gathering thoughts of, “the kitchen needs to be mopped, the beds need clean sheets, the gardens need weeding, the bills need paying. . . .” and very soon my attitude is shot.

Our Family Retreat theme this year was “Joy.”  We talked each day about finding joy in the range of emotions that come our way in daily life.  Coming home I immediately got a chance to apply that!  I realized that I could choose my attitude about the laundry, and other tasks ahead of me.  I could see them as burdens, exercise frustration, but still have to complete them.  Or I could choose joy and view this mountain of laundry, weeds, dishes, etc. as a blessing.

  • A blessing that we have enough clothes to change daily
  • A blessing that I am not at a river pounding clothes on a a rock to clean them, but put them in this magic machine and they come out clean
  • A blessing that we have a door on the laundry room I can shut when  I am not ready to  take on the task
  • A blessing that we have a home with a small bit of property that has places to grow weeds

And then a funny thing happened . . .  when I changed my attitude about the laundry, I found unpacking wasn’t such a chore either.   I was grateful we have jobs that allow us opportunities to travel and serve, thankful for the blessing of suitcases, cars to travel in, thankful for a house to come home to. . .  and most of all thankful for a Heavenly Father who doesn’t give up on me but continues to strengthen me with His joy!