I was one of the millions of people who breathed a sigh of gratefulness and relief when I heard that the manhunt that had gone on for seven weeks just a little to the north of us came to a safe conclusion.  In part I was thankful because I have many friends who live in that area, and it is where our beloved Spruce Lake (our Family Retreat site) is located.

It wasn’t long after that feeling of rejoicing that sadness and questioning came.  Within moments of the news of the capture posts were abounding on Facebook, Twitter, the news media, etc.  It got me thinking about all the time, energy and money (rightfully so) that went into this manhunt and made me think about how much time, energy and money do I put into seeking out those who are lost from God and need to be captured by His great love?  Or do I rejoice as quickly and as heartily when someone is captured by the lover of their soul – Jesus?