Jerry and I have this tradition of celebrating our “month-a-veraries”.  We were married on the 11th of November so we have a bit of a contest to see who can wish the other “Happy Month-A-Versary” on the 11th of each month.  The one who “wins” gloats and the “looser” does what any good Borton does – pouts (all in fun) that we were beaten at our own game!  And yes, we’ve been known to set alarms for midnight, or force ourselves to stay awake, or whatever other way we can find to assure we get to wish the other first!

Well yesterday was our 284th Month-A-Versary (and for the record I “won” – though overall we’re about equal in this game!).  In our early years of marriage we would re-read our wedding vows to one another on the 11th – it was a great reminder of what we committed to on that day that is so overwhelming it is hard to remember what we said or did!  Over the years we re-recite them less often – but hopefully are living them out more regularly.  We’ll have to re-visit that idea.

As I was trying to fall asleep last night next to my husband who was really feeling miserable with this infection and fever I thought “Well Happy Month-A-Versary to me; this is a fun start to vacation.”  Thankfully I did not wallow long, but did recall that in our vows we committed to do life together – while we didn’t say these exact words it was for the “better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness or health.”  Well how much more of real life could we get on this 284th month?

It made me think of the many times someone who has met us tells me “how lucky” Jerry is to have me, or what an amazing person I am to marry someone who has a disability.  Seriously?  I have to admit that in my flesh I am sometimes tempted to agree with them, but usually I respond to them something like, “you think you see what I do for Jerry; you have no idea what he does for me.  I am the lucky and blessed one!”  Physical assistance and care is one thing, and yes it is a big one thing, and honestly can get wearing and tiring.  But – the emotional, spiritual and mental support Jerry provides me is far greater and has made me a better person on oh so many levels!  J

Early on in our relationship I penned the Top Ten Reasons to Marry a Guy in a Wheelchair.  In honor to our 284+1 I share it with you!

10. You don’t have to stand on tiptoes to style his hair!
 9. You get great parking spot
 8.   You have lots of fun gadgets to “play with” and exercise creativity as you learn to repair them!
 7.    Sometimes you get to fly first class for the price of coach!
6.   Shopping is easier when you can hang the bags on his chair!
5.   The back of his clothing does not need repair or ironing!
4.  He provides you with free strengthening and aerobic training!
3.   There are lots of places at home to hide things from him!
2.   The toilet seat is always down!
1.       He is created in the image of God to be my wonderful protector, encourager, comforter, lover and friend!

        Written by:  Joan Borton