Dad and I on a college visit in 1976

Today my Dad would have turned 90.  Sadly for me, I never even got to know him as an 80 year old.  God called him home at the age of 74.  I’ve written about Dad before.  Rereading that brings tears of joy and sweet remembrances.

A lot has changed in the last sixteen years Dad.  The family has grown so much.  You have a granddaughter-in-law you never got to meet, but you two would have had a great time together Dad.  She’s not afraid to ask questions, and you were never afraid to answer questions, or ask other ones.  I would have LOVED to hear the conversations you and Courtney would have had.  You would have also appreciated what a great wife she is to Nathan.


Nathan and his oldest, who is now 9!

All your grands have graduated college.  Two are wrapping up their Doctorates (one MD, one PHD).  You have 7 adorable and amazing great grandchildren who would have worn you out playing Yankee Doodle and combing your hair.  Ok dad, there is one thing I wish I could forget – the smell of Vitalis in your hair.  As a little girl, I loved when you sat and the floor and let me “do” your hair, but really – Vitalis?  I don’t even think it is manufactured any more, but the memory of that smell lingers on . . .

There are so many things I wish I would have asked you.  I didn’t know then all the things I would like to know now.  Sometimes Dad I think I need you more now in my late 50’s than I did in my teens and 20’s.  By the time we get to this age people think we know stuff, but I am not so sure.  How did you pull it off so confidently Dad?

When I stop and think about it, I know how you did it Dad.  Three of these well worn Biblesmom-and-dad-biblesjpg were yours.  The fourth is Moms.  The most consistent memory I have of each of you is the time you spent in the Word of God.  I am so happy to have these well used Bibles in my writing nook.  How precious to read the comments you each made as you worked through a passage.

On this 90th birthday Dad let me once again say I love you, and thank God for giving me the privilege of being your daughter.  You taught me well, and most importantly pointed me to the One who does have all the answers.  I look forward to the day Dad, when after I meet Jesus face to face, I get to hear you sing in the choir – Oh what a day that will be!