Here we are on our first night of vacation and my beloved is snuggled under extra blankets trying to sweat out a fever and get rid of an infection.  Yes – we sure know how to live it up on vacation!  We’re praying that when he wakes up in the morning God will have used the 24 hours of antibiotic and a good night’s rest so he’ll feel better . . . after all we have baseball games to see, friends and family to catch up with and time to enjoy being together!

I’ve always been a fan of driving trips (though I also enjoy flying training and cruising!).  Typically I attribute my preference for driving to my need to be in control (I know that’s a shocker statement for some of you to hear!). But today I think I realized it is more than control.  Driving is a great time for me to ponder (in case you haven’t noticed I am a fan of that word!).  Most of my days are packed so full of interaction with others and hurrying and scurrying from one task to another, or doing several at once.  Recently I’ve even taken to turning off the radio and just enjoying quiet while I drive.  It gives me time to observe the beauty of creation, see patterns in the clouds, enjoy the nature and use each of those to kickstart some thinking and praying. 

Reminds me of the quote I read this week from Ann Voskamp –  “It happens when we rest – that we relinquish our ambitions to be like God.”

Now there’s a statement that deserves some pondering; especially on a week of vacation. Rest , , , something I am too quick to say I can’t do; or don’t have time to rest. But maybe that goes back to my control thing, I don’t really think I want to be God, but I just know He has His hands pretty full and somehow figure that if I can take a few things off His hands, he’ll appreciate it. Oh how foolish of me. Through release and rest I can let God be God and marvel and ponder on His greatness. So here’s to a week of rest, and letting go of my God complex. Cover me – in prayer – this doesn’t come easy to me!