I had the blessing of having a mother-in-law and father-in-law who I loved and enjoyed; I only wish we’d have had more years together.  They and my parents raised their families in different ways, yet with great love and desiring their children to know the Lord.

I know that not everyone has the experience of good in-laws, but there is something I just don’t understand.  Both in person and through social media, too often do I hear people speaking poorly of their in-laws and complaining about how difficult they are.  
Here’s what I don’t get about that . . . how can the people who birthed and raised the man or woman you loved so much that you couldn’t live without them (thus you got married) be so awful?  Didn’t they have to do something right to raise such an amazing son or daughter as your spouse is?  How can you capitalize on that and build your relationship with them on that perspective?

Happy Mother’s Day to my second Mom Eleanor.  Thank you for loving and accepting me.  I hope if you and my mom are visiting in Heaven you aren’t trading too many stories about me – ha!!!!

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