After experiencing his own disability, a friend commented, “Disability alone is a part-time job.”

          I’ve done time studies in the past, with little success. Because my word for 2021 is focus I knew this was something I needed to try again. To move from frenzy to focus, I had to gain control of my to do list and my schedule.

          I counted the hours I have available in a week, minus sleep. I wrote out the tasks and responsibilities I have each week, and an approximate but realistic amount of time each item requires. I tried to include everything, even the time I work puzzles on Sundays, or just relax watching a classic TV show.

               And do you know what I found?

               It wasn’t what I expected.

               I have 3.75 untapped hours every week! Granted, that’s only two percent of the hours in a week. Yet, the point hit home. In most weeks, I have the time I need, and even a bit of margin.

               This revelation caused me to ponder why I feel like I can’t get it all done? Is it poor time management on my part? Surely this accounts for some. The actual thief of my time, I am convinced, is whining, and complaining, both to myself and to others. Often, I spend more time thinking or talking about what needs to happen than I spend doing it!

               My Focus2021 goal for March: To act and do what God has given me the strength and privilege to accomplish, and to do it without whining and complaining.

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               And what will I do if I encounter a day or two where I can’t get it all done? I will exercise balance, choosing to set one something aside for a limited time to accomplish that which requires a little more from me. The following week I will pick it up again and, if needed, temporarily set something else aside.           

Off to do with gratitude, what is on my plate today. What about you? What do you find to be the greatest stealer of time in your day?