I was privy to a conversation this weekend that turned to cars.  Sharing about his hybrid car, one of the men commented how his driving habits have changed since getting this car.  The reason?  The gauges provide constant real time feedback about how his driving affects his fuel usage.  In fact his wife said sometimes she asks if he really wants to get to their destination, because he won’t drive more than 55 mph on the freeway!  Apparently this is a big change from his driving style prior to the hybrid.  1208_fusion_hybrid

As I listened to the conversation I thought of the corollary to my life.  How would my daily interactions, my choices, the messages I tell myself be different if I had real time consistent feedback that I could see on a gauge in front of me (or even an app on my phone)?  I think I may be appalled at how I am not living my life as “efficiently” (translated obediently) as I would like.

My actions and self talk don’t always reflect my desire to live fully committed to Christ and His truth.  I am not always mindful that the thought I just entertained opened a toe hold for the enemy, or how the scores of other “little” things that I may do or not do affect myself and those around me.

Though I may not always see a gauge right in front of my view, I have something (someone) even better – the Holy Spirit living within prompting and empowering me with the truth of  God’s Word.


. . . .let me be revived by following your regulations.  Psalm 119:149b NLT