A couple weeks before mega snowstorm Jonas came through, we had a light dusting of the white stuff.  It melted away very quickly because the ground was so warm.  While drivingIMG_0083 around I noticed that every once in a while I would see a small patch of snow still holding on.  That area didn’t look shaded from the sun, but apparently it was, or those were a few tenacious snowflakes huddled togehter!.  At home I found we had a couple of those patches as well.

In the Bible the whiteness of snow is used as a metaphor for how clean and pure our hearts can be when we allow God’s saving grace to cleanse them. (see Isaiah 1:18).  For the purposes of this post only would you allow me to change the metaphor?

As I look at these patches of snow I think of my life.  I look at the grass as the backboard of my life.  I try to allow the Son to shine all over and through  it; maintaining Bible reading, prayer, and keeping short accounts of sins.  As much as I think I have given over my life 100% to the control of God’s Spirit, I frequently find splotches of sin stains that tenaciously hang on.

IMG_0082Really?  That’s an area I haven’t allowed the Son to penetrate?  Yes, time to do a little more work in that area.  Usually after work on that one, I find there is another waiting for my attention.  If only that work would respond as quickly and as permanently as the snow melts . . .