“Why on earth is this silly GPS telling me to get off at every exit and take a different route?”

That was my question while driving on I-95 last weekend after leaving a hotel in Virginia for our final leg home to Pennsylvania.  After about 5 miles of ignoring the GPS and repeating my question, I had a thought.

Sure enough – I was heading south on I-95 instead of north.  gps

Heeding the advice of my GPS I got off the highway on Chicken Foot Road (truly – I am not making that up!), crossed the highway overpass and joined the party that is known as I-95 north.  As soon as I did that, the GPS was happy and told me to stay on that road now for a couple hundred miles.

Jerry and I both wondered how that happened.  The location of our hotel  had a lot of construction, causing both of us to pay extra attention to the signs for I-95 north.  Even as I turned onto the ramp it felt wrong to me.  I questioned myself if I was headed north or south, but thought, “I followed the signs.”

What a great picture of life at times.  I think I read the signs correctly, and I follow where I believe they are leading.  But it’s not always the right path.  Signs may be a good indicator, but can be changed.

My GPS was the ultimate authority that day, pinpointing where I was, what was ahead and what was behind.  This inanimate object had more wisdom about my movements than I had.

How much more does the living, breathing Word of God need to be my ultimate authority?   I need to subject the signs I read on my journey to the truth in the Bible.  If they align with the Bible I am moving in the right direction.  If they don’t it is time to stop, listen, and read more to avoid backtracking.