To say our summer (or if you want, even go back to spring!) has been a whirlwind and packed way too full would be a significant understatement.  This past Saturday evening we returned from a 10 day trip to southern CA.  We spent a few days with friends and then a week at the Joni and Friends International Disability Center.

From the time I got up Sunday late morning I was “off.”  I can’t really describe it other than to say I felt like a wreck.  Literally the only way I could keep from crying for several days was to bite my tongue!  I got piles of laundry washed and put away, grocery shopped to fill our fridge, paid our school tax bill (that alone was enough to make me cry – but that wasn’t the reason!) and even went back to work on Tuesday though I told my co-workers that I was going to hole up in my office; something just wan’t right.

I asked Jerry if this is what it felt like to experience a breakdown, but my processing seemed too rational for that to be the case.  Finally the light went on in my head – perhaps I need a little extra sleep (perhaps sleep deprivation kept me from realizing that earlier!).  Wednesday, after getting Jerry up and going I decided to lay back down, thinking maybe I’d sleep until 10:00.  When I rolled over and looked at the clock it was 2:30 pm!

As I got up I thought that I might be feeing a bit better.   I spent a whole 5 hours up that day, doing only minimal tasks before I just couldn’t keep my eyes open and had to go back to sleep!  I won’t tell you how much I slept this week (and honestly I don’t think I’ve met my full quota yet, I am thankful for a low key long weekend!). But I longer feel like I am going to cry just at the thought that someone somewhere is wearing a hat that may drop!  I can even smile and interact again with people; and feel almost human again.

Why am I sharing this with you?  For these reasons:
1)  Sometimes sleep is the most spiritual thing one can do.  It’s not always the answer, but too often I think I overlook it as the answer.  In this particular situation I didn’t need to pray more, read more, exercise more, or eat better (though all good things to incorporate more of in my life!).  I needed to let my body rest, heal and be refreshed!  And from the encouragement of our chiropractor – I will try to continue to let my body tell me how much sleep it needs and not fight it with my to do lists.

2)  I am finite.  My superwoman cape is NOT at the cleaners – I do not have one, nor do I want one! It’s ok to admit I can’t do it all, and it’s even better to stop trying to act like I can.  More often than not I need to remind myself that it’s ok to stop.  God made my body to need rest.

3)  I may need you to help me remember from time to time that it’s ok to say no and to take some down time.

Good Words to Rest On!