This is my brain, and this is my brain coming out of overload . . . .

Lately I feel like my brain (along with my calendar and life) have been on overload.  Consequently I have had no margins to dream, think or write.  That’s not good.  Combine that with weather that primarily has been pretty dreary for a few weeks and I was left feeling pretty empty and void.

Thankfully this last week God blessed me three times (truthfully He has blessed me so much more everyday, but these three are of particular note) with:

  1.  Times of reconnection and fellowship with two friends whom I haven’t chatted with in ages.  Such deep sharing refreshed my parched soul.
  2. Being together around the Word of God with others who are the hands and feet of

    Photo Credit:  Freeman Miller

    Jesus in the city of Philadelphia.  I never experience time with these brothers and sisters when my passion to know Jesus deeper and serve Him more fully is not fueled.

  3. Opportunities to be outside with days of sunshine and warmth.  Amazing how that readjusts the psyche, especially when the sunshine is enjoyed when taking a walk.

Today Jerry and I attended an event on the field at a minor league baseball park.  Walking along the all dirt infield we saw two places where shoots of grass were bursting from the the ground.

These last few weeks I felt like the infield, dry, flat and totally void.  After this week of blessings I see and feel new life springing forth from the barrenness.  And I am so thankful!