Yes, National Coffee Day was a great reason to celebrate on Monday, and then there’s Columbus Day coming up, and the World Series, and all kinds of reasons we can find to celebrate – but today, yes today October 1 I have THE BEST reason of all to celebrate – it’s the day Jerry Borton made his entry into this big beautiful world, ## years ago!  (I’ll let him divulge the number, but let’s just say he’s past getting an AARP card, and is beginning to qualify for some age related discounts and can put his name into certain living facilities!)

While I realize I may be biased, I am convinced that God did some of His most exceptional work when He created Jerry!  I mean take a look at some of these pics over the years!

Jerry and I sometimes laugh about “the village” it took to raise him.  When we were engaged it seemed that every person I met told me how they had helped care for him at some point in his life.  I am SO THANKFUL for all those people who invested in this man’s life and helped to develop him into the man he is today!  Most of all I am grateful as I hear the stories of his Mom, Dad, and siblings Karen and Eric (and the extended family) who both put up with and loved so well this boy who his mom described as “being born with a suitcase in his hand – ready to move on!”).
Some of the stories I enjoy . . . 
  • Jerry went to half day Kindergartner and passed to first grade.  On the opening day of first grade his Mom picked him up at lunch and brought him home.  When Jerry asked when he was going back to school his Mom told him “they” thought a full day may be too much so were going to try half days.  He suggested they try full days – Mom packed him up and took him back to school and Jerry has been a student and scholar, and ADVOCATE ever since!
  • How he coached (from his wheelchair) the youngest little league team with the worst record and over a couple years took them to first place!
  • Driving lessons – let’s just say don’t tell Jerry to turn here if you don’t mean RIGHT here, not at the next road!
  • Don’t let the powder blue
    leisure suit or afro fool you!
    Yes – he can grow the whiskers!
  • Going to college in a MANUAL wheelchair at a college on one of the 7 hills in the city of Cincinnati – with the dorms at the bottom of the hill and the classrooms and dining hall at the top!

Oh dear, I am afraid once I get started it will be hard to stop  . . . . so allow me to fast forward to the present.  

Not only did he make a great catch here
but I made an even better catch in him!
Jerry and his first wife – oh wait, we were
already married; I guess this is the one
that doesn’t talk back!

 Now if you know anything about Jerry you know he LOVES baseball.   And he will do almost anything to get a laugh!

Those are two of the many reasons I love Jerry, but here are a few more. . .

  • he really loves and cares for his friends.  Sometimes when I feel slighted by someone and want to give up on them he asks “how many friends can you afford to loose?”
  • he’s a risk taker – after all he married me and moved to both coasts for and with me!  But even more he doesn’t let the fact that something is hard stand in the way of accomplishing it.
  • family is important to him.  He knows he doesn’t stay connected with everyone as we would like (he is an introvert after all) but he prays for you all regularly and loves you.
  • he invites feedback about his character or attitude and takes it seriously, aiming to keep growing and improving himself
  • he has his priorities straight – even when he just arrived at work an hour ago he leaves to go to the grocery store to get me what I need (which is a big undertaking for him) when I am sick rather than ask someone else- because he wants to take care of me!
  • he prays with and for me.  One of my favorite parts of marriage is storming the gates of heaven together.  
  • he has amazing hands – I love them!                                           
  • he helps me sort out the urgent from the important
  • he surprises me time and again (in oh so many ways!!!)
  • he embodies Jesus to me.  Jerry knows me for who I really am and he STILL loves me – Astounding!

For now . . .  Happy Birthday Jerry Lee Borton!  I look forward to celebrating today and every day God gives us together.  Thank you God for your excellent work in creating this man and for the wonderful family you placed him in to grow.  Thank you that you’ve entrusted me to walk these last 19 years (and please God many, many more) with him.