In recent weeks it seems that Heaven has gained a lot of mighty fine people who are dearly missed here.  I know that happens every day, but we seem to know more people who have made that journey recently.

I was talking with a friend (and my chiropractor) about this as together we traded favorite stores of a shared friend who has passed.  He shared this thought with me, and my reply was “Oh, that’s good, if you don’t write on that I will.” Since I haven’t seen a post from him, here is mine with credit and appreciation to Dr George Foedsich.

At our age we are beginning to see the generation ahead of us pass on.  At some point (as it is in both Jerry’s and my immediate families) we become the older generation.  I don’t say that to be morbid, it is the truth.

People waiting in line

The thought George shared was this (my paraphrase): It’s a bit humbling to realize we are “next in line.”  But think about it, if we were in line at Disney (or substitute a favored location for you) we would be so excited that the line is moving forward and we see ourselves inching closer to the ride – our awaited destination.  Why is it that as we are “in line” for Heaven, our final destination that FAR outweighs anything Disney could ever offer) we fear the line moving forward?

See, I told you it was good!

I am grateful my times are in God’s hands, and only He knows when my spot in line will move to the front.  No one likes the process of being “in line” but remember it is not a static waiting period. In the words of Steve Green, “Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful.” May I be busy about the things that matter until I am next.   And oh how sweet the destination that awaits!