We’re home, a week earlier than planned.  We drove through some really torrential rains.  We went through two different periods of about 40 miles total when the rain was so hard and fast we couldn’t even see the front of our van.   I am so very grateful for God’s hand of protection.  I didn’t want to be foolish driving but knew I had to get Jerry home.  

Earlier in the trip I had thought that we needed a good rain to clean the windshield which was pretty splattered with spots from bugs, road dirt, etc.  These were markings that did not come off with the wipers.  I had anticipated that a good hard rain would leave the windshield almost sparkling clean!  
To my surprise after the rain some of the larger stubborn spots were still there (though it must have seemed clean from the outside as somewhere over central PA a bird met it’s demise when it crashed into the windshield at full speed and left a few feathers behind as it slid off).  
In my pondering my thoughts went to my life when Jesus washed my spots (sin) away with his blood.  (Let me assure you that this is not a systematic theology statement – I know the illustration does not fit fully- but still makes a point I needed to remember).  When Jesus gave His life for my sins on the cross and I said yes to that amazing gift of love – I was washed clean.  When God looks at me He doesn’t see those lingering spots – He sees the cleansing blood of His Son.  When I look from my perspective I see those spots/sins that still mar my life.  While I’ve been forgiven it still takes some work on my part – some focused “scrubbing’ if you will to remove those stubborn sins that have deep roots in my life.  
Philippains 2:12 ” . . . continue to work out your salvation with dear and trembling.”