For the past several years my practice has been to take my coffee and yogurt to the living room and have my breakfast and Quiet Time while sitting in my favorite chair.  During the period of having guests in our home I would alter that habit.  Now that we are without additional guests it was time to resume my pattern.

Bu for some reason the other day, I did not go back to the living room.  Rather I sat at the kitchen table praying and sipping coffee.  I was asking God about how He wanted to use me in the year ahead.  Not in an audible voice, but in a voice my soul knows to be His I heard, “Have breakfast with Me.”

I got up, rest the table after all the holiday hoopla and set a third placemat.  Now I have a visual reminder each morning as I sit alone across from Jesus’ chair at the table that I am starting my day by communing with Him.  I don’t know exactly how our time will go, or even which reading plan I’ll follow this year.  But I know the most important part – who I’ll dine with – my audience of One.

I wonder how Jesus takes His coffee?