When Will We Get It?

It happened again.  My heart is broken as I heard the latest news report on another child with disabilities who was abandoned by his Mom in some woods.  There is absolutely nothing about this tragedy that is right.  Even so, it’s an indication of how hard life with disability can be. Two years ago thereContinue reading “When Will We Get It?”

Disability Humor and Insight in the Christmas Story

We who live/work in the disability world sometimes laugh about how people often assume that a person with one disability has them all.  For example, because Jerry uses a power wheelchair he must also be hard of hearing so they shout at him, others assume he cannot think or talk so they ask me what he wants.  ThisContinue reading “Disability Humor and Insight in the Christmas Story”

Love Our Village

The saying “It takes a village . . .” can be true of much of life.  Today as I was driving to Spruce Lake where we will host our first two weeks of Family Retreat for families affected by disability I was so thankful for those in “our village” who make this, and so manyContinue reading “Love Our Village”

Disability Privilege

As I grow in my understanding of urban ministry I have had to wrestle with the phrase “white privilege.”  As I’ve thought about that concept, I came to realize that Jerry and I live with “Disability Privilege.” Friends, or those we meet, often comment on how much we are “on the go.”   The unspoken remainderContinue reading “Disability Privilege”

Riches in Secret Places (part 2 of 2)

  If you missed part one of this story you can read it here.  It sets the stage for what follows. A little after 6:30 the phone rang, it was Jerry’s cell.  I answered “What’s wrong?”  He said, “I am coming home, I have a wheelchair problem and need your help.” A few minutes later he pulledContinue reading “Riches in Secret Places (part 2 of 2)”