Little Kindnesses

This week I was the beneficiary of some little kindnesses that impacted me in such a big way I want to share. Here’s the scene. We were ready to head home from Ohio after a family visit. The drive, with stops, is about 10 hours. We’ve each driven it by ourselves. In more recent years sharingContinue reading “Little Kindnesses”

In His Rightful Place

Recently we enjoyed another visit with most of our nieces and one grand niece.  The little one, “V” is about 19 months old.  Each visit she has become a little more comfortable with her UJ (Uncle Jerry, who she currently calls “UUUUh”).  Over her life we’ve seen her grow from cautiously watching him from a distance,Continue reading “In His Rightful Place”

Love Our Village

The saying “It takes a village . . .” can be true of much of life.  Today as I was driving to Spruce Lake where we will host our first two weeks of Family Retreat for families affected by disability I was so thankful for those in “our village” who make this, and so manyContinue reading “Love Our Village”

Disability Privilege

As I grow in my understanding of urban ministry I have had to wrestle with the phrase “white privilege.”  As I’ve thought about that concept, I came to realize that Jerry and I live with “Disability Privilege.” Friends, or those we meet, often comment on how much we are “on the go.”   The unspoken remainderContinue reading “Disability Privilege”

He’s Coming Back!

Jerry and I thoroughly enjoyed a recent visit with one of our nieces and her daughter (V).  They live out of the area, and though we FaceTime pretty regularly the little one is still young enough that she needs time to reconnect and remember us each time.  Thankfully this time we had enough time togetherContinue reading “He’s Coming Back!”