The day after . . . . and another year of Family Retreat is now in the memory books (and my tired body!) and the hundreds of photos and videos floating around Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Three wonderful weeks, each very different, yet very full of HOPE OVERFLOWING!

I told Jerry that I wanted to go out for dinner tonight; to a place where someone took my order, delivered my food and then cleaned up after us.  So off we went to Outback.  After perusing the menu I decided that Prime Rib was what I wanted; and told the waiter that I definitely wanted the horseradish with it.  This is one of the ways in which it is clear that I am Bill Morris’ daughter – Prime Rib is simply a vehicle for consuming horseradish.

Jerry and I enjoyed chatting and catching up (we really see each other very little at Family Retreat, and when we do we don’t get to really talk much) as we ate our salad.  Then the waiter brought our main course.  As he set my plate before me he apologized that they had run out of horseradish – both the full strength and the sauce.  I politely told him that he could take the meal back then, I really didn’t want it without horseradish.  He apologized and brought me the menu to make another choice and also mentioned the manager was going to stop by.

The manager apologized and asked what he could do to make it right.  I told him it was ok and I’d order something else.  He asked if I was willing to wait a few minutes while he ran across the street to the grocery store (if they were still open) to get horseradish.  We were surprised at this offer.  Shortly thereafter he came back and said that they had to go to 2 grocery stores, but they got horseradish for me!  The chef then cut us each a new piece of meat (Jerry’s meal went back too so we could eat together) and brought it to me with fresh and very hot horseradish!

All week at Family Retreat we talk about doing whatever it takes to serve our families.  What a sweet blessing it was to have someone else do that for me at the restaurant.  Who knew that a restaurant manager and a jar of horseradish could be a hug from God!